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Name Department Role Phone Office
Wadlington, Lorraine Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3358TI 122
Wagner, Jacob (Jacob) Public Service Training-InstructionPT Prof Service Teaching(734) 677-5024ML 106
Wagner, Kathryn Health & Applied TechnologiesCoord Instructional Supp Healt(734) 677-5008TI201-B
Wagner, Randall UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Wagner, Richard Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time FacultyLA 178
Wagner Tearney, Julio Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-time Non Cler I
Wahab, Hanan Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyProf Faculty Mathematics(734) 477-8551LA 200 M
Walkowiak, Toni Hum, Soc & Behav SciencesPart-Time FacultyGm 300
Wallace, Lodica Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Wallace, Samuel Public Service Training-InstructionPart-time Faculty - Timesheet
Walls, Ralph (Ralph) Hum, Soc & Behav SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Walrath, Emily Student ServicesFinancial Aid Tech(734) 677-5086SC 205
Walsh, Ruth Public Service Careers/ApprenticeshipsProf Faculty Pub Svc Careers(734) 973-3689GM 300 GG
Walter, Donna UA Instruction & SupportPart time Faculty Timesheet(734) 477-8900GL 200
Walters, Robin HVACPT HVAC/R Lab Supp Staff(734) 973-3628OE102
Walton, D'ette Continuing Ed & Community ServiceAdministrative Specialist(734) 480-9950Harriet St.
Wan, Judith Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA178
Wang, Frances Continuing Ed & Community ServicePart-Time Faculty
Ward, Joshua Advanced Tech & Public Serv CareersSupport Svs Secretary ATP(734) 973-3628OE102
Wareck, Carrie Hum, Soc & Behav SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 178
Warren, Dixie Transportation TechnologiesPT Lab Assistant(734) 477-8953OE102
Warren, Halee Recruitment & Student EnrollmentPT Campus Visit Coordinator(734) 973-3538SC 203 G14
Waskin, David Hum, Soc & Behav SciencesProf Faculty English/Writing(734) 973-3346LA 300 P
Wasserman, Donna Hum, Soc & Behav SciencesProf Faculty Social Sciences(734) 973-3721GM 300 J
Waters, Douglas Business & Computer TechnologiesProf Faculty Business(734) 677-5213BE236
Waters, Heather Student ServicesFinancial Aid Customer Srv Tec(734) 973-3523SC205
Wealch, Kali Transportation TechnologiesPT Lab Assistant
Webb, Amy Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 178
Wegienka, John Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Weir, Tim Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5431BE200
Weller, Richard Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5431BE 200
Wellman, Destin Transportation TechnologiesPart-time Non Cler I
Welsing, Conrad Continuing Ed & Community ServicePT Trainer II
Wendell, Debra Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3358TI122
Wenger, Valerie Facilities ManagementFacilities Operations Sec(734) 973-3714PO 117
Wensing, Kristen Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 178
Wenzel, Lori Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty
Wenzinger, Susan Hum, Soc & Behav SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 178
Wertheim, Scott Continuing Ed & Community ServiceEnrollment Specialist(734) 677-5289ML 104
Werthmann, Donald (Don) Business & Computer TechnologiesProf Fac Digital Media Arts(734) 973-3586GM 300 BB
Wesenberg, Scott Learning ResourcesInstructional Technologist(734) 677-5106GM 223E
Wesnoski, John Transportation TechnologiesPT Instructional Lab Asst(734) 973-3644OE102
Wesnoski, Michelle Transportation TechnologiesPart-time Non Cler I
Westerdale, Michelle Distance LearningOL Experience Architect(734) 677-5480GM230L
Westfall, Derek UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Westfall, Kathleen Health SciencesPT Lab Assistant(734) 677-5037TI 122 N
Weston, Danielle Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Whipstock, Craig Facilities ManagementAVP Facilities Dev/Oper(734) 677-5322DF 112
White, Brandon Facilities ManagementCustodian
White, Genevieve Distance LearningManager of Learning DesignGM 230 O