Support Staff/Student Part-Time Wage Rate Policy

2022-2023 Wage Rates

Support Staff Workers Initial Hourly Wage Rate
Support Staff $15.45
Student Workers $15.45
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Effective: July 1, 2022

Student Workers:
For placement in this wage category, the student must be registered at WCC in the current semester and can be assigned to work only when classes are in session. FICA and Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) deductions are not withheld from Student Workers.


Club Sport Coaches Season Salary
Baseball-Men's $2,998
Basketball-Men's $4,200
Basketball-Women's $4,200
Cross Country $1,499
Dance-Women's $4,126
Soccer-Men's $2,998
Soccer-Women's $2,998
Softball-Women's $2,998
Volleyball-Men's $2,939
Volleyball-Women's $2,998
eSports $2,998
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Effective: July 1, 2022

Tuition grant for part-time support staff

Tuition grants are available to eligible* part-time support staff who elect to enroll in any Washtenaw Community College course for which they qualify. Tuition grants are limited to three (3) credit hours in any one semester/session. The Office of Human Resource Management shall provide authorization to eligible part-time support staff for registration of classes.

A course must be taken to full term; if a course is not completed in full the employee shall reimburse the College for tuition and any other sums granted on his/her behalf.

* Eligibility: Does not apply to Student Workers. Part time level I and II staff shall have provided service over a period of six (6) months in a support positions.

Part-time employees are at-will, and employment may be terminated at any time by either the College or the employee.


ADA/EEO/Title IX/Section 504

Compliance Statements

Washtenaw Community College does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status as provided for and to the extent required by federal and state statutes. Nor does the college discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Question and inquiries should be directed as follows: Facility access inquiries: V.P. for Facilities, Grounds and Campus Safety, PO 112,734-677-5322. Employment compliance inquiries: V.P. for Human Resources, BE 120, 734-973-3497. Title IX or ADA/504 inquiries related to programs and services: V.P. for Student and Academic Services, SC247, 734-973-3536